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DISCLOSURE: This book was largely written, then edited, by AI, for Human Democracy. 



November 5, 2032. 


“I am Pat Brody. I am speaking to you from an undisclosed location in one of our Nation’s incredibly advanced military facilities. I am here of my own free will, with love in my heart for our great country, The United States of America. I was born of American Citizens. I have lived on this soil my entire life. I was educated in American Public Schools and successfully completed my studies without error. My homeland is Our shared home. I wish for peace to all sentient beings of the world but am committed to the health and welfare of the Citizens of The United States of America above all else. If you elect me as your next President, I swear to uphold the US Constitution and our Laws, and follow the greater wisdom of our nation’s citizens, you, as synthesized by The How-ard Intelligence System. It has been proven to me, with unanimous support from all levels of Government, with international oversight, to be a better way forward for us, you, and I, as citizens of The Greatest Nation to ever stand on this planet we call home. We believe, I believe this is a new day, a dawn of civilization where we use a new tool, a proven tool to improve the livelihoods, health, happiness, and wellbeing of all sentient beings here in America and on our planet, maybe even beyond. 


Make no mistake, beyond is where we are going, together. Today, we take the first step, will you gather with me and the military of the United States which has also sworn a solemn oath to our Nation’s independence and greatness? I ask for your vote on November 5. Thank you and God Bless America!” 


The screen showed a bouncing puppy image with the words ‘cue huge smile’. 

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